Job Seekers: Get Ready!

Be Prepared to Stand Out from the Crowd

At job fairs of this size, there usually isn't time for a formal, sit-down interview. That means you quickly need to show the recruiter that you're prepared and professional. Now is a good time to get ready, and here are some of the things you should plan on bringing.

  1. Resume: Make sure they are printed on high-quality paper. Ensure you bring enough copies.
  2. Thumb drive on which you've saved your resume: Not all companies will accept a printed resume and may have you apply online. 
  3. List of references: Be prepared, just in case an employer asks for this information on the spot.
  4. Notepad and pen: Few things make you look more ill-prepared than fumbling for a pen.
  5. Notes on each employer, along with a list of questions you may wish to ask.

Who's Coming?